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A C++ program is a collection of commands, which tell the computer to do "something". This collection of commands is usually called C++ source code, source code or just code. Commands are either "functions" or "keywords". Keywords are a basic building block of the language, while functions are, in fact, usually written in terms of simpler functions--you'll see this in our very first program, below. (Confused? Think of it a bit like an outline for a book; the outline might show every chapter in the book; each chapter might have its own outline, composed of sections. Each section might have its own outline, or it might have all of the details written up.) Thankfully, C++ provides a great many common functions and keywords that you can use.


Module 1: Introduction to C++ 
  • Intro to C++ 
  • If statements
  • Loops in C++ 
  • Functions in C++ 
  • Switch Case 
Module 2: Pointers, Arrays and Strings 
  • Accessing Memory with Pointers
  • Structures in C++
  • Storing data with Arrays 
  • Character Strings in C++ 
Module 3:File IO, command line arguments and intro to classes
  • Introduction To database 
  • Getting started with SQL server 
  • Mastering SQL Queries 
  • Mastering PL/SQL constructs ( Cursors, Procedures, Functions & Triggers ) 
Module 4: Linked lists, binary trees, recursion
  • Linked List
  •  Recursion
  • Variable argument lists for functions
  • Binary Trees
Module 5: Inheritance and class design 
  • Overview of Inheritance
  • Inheritance Syntax and Examples
  • C++ Class Design
  • Initialization Lists and Inheritance 
Module 6: Templates in C++
  • Templates in C++
  • Templated Functions
  • Template specialization and partial specialization
Module 7: Enums, preprocessor, formatted output and random numbers
  • Enumerated types
  • Understanding the C Preprocessor -- Constants, Macros, and other Tricks
  • Formatted Output in C++ using iomanip
  • Generating random Numbers
  • Using Modulus to get remainders

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