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GNU/Linux a Unix-like operating system, intiated by Linus Torvalds, in 1991. After it was released under GNU GPL, the support Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the community helped Linux establish as a a free/very low-cost operating system. Though Linux set off as a server OS, it has eventually evolved into various platforms, like desktops to super computers. Linux has also found its place in embedded devices and recently in handheld devices, with the introduction of Android.


Linux Administrator 
  • Linux Essentials 
  • Linux System Administration 
  • Linux Network & Security 
Linux Virtualization 
  • Linux Enterprise Virtualization
Linux Security
  • Enterprise Network Services Security 
  • Directory Services and Authentication 
  • SELinux Policy Administration 
Datacenter Administration
  • Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management
  • Clustering and Storage Management
  • Directory Services and Authentication 
Linux Enterprise Architecture 
  • Enterprise Security: Network Services 
  • Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management 
  • Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
  • Enterprise Virtualization 
  • Enterprise Storage Management
  • Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning

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