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UNIX is a family of operating systems. UNIX Shell is common in text-based or command-line UNIX programs. The commands of UNIX shell are compatible with all brands of UNIX, including Linux. Training and courses in Linux / Unix help delegates gain the knowledge and skills required to install, manage and tune a Linux / Unix server to meet their organisation's critical administrative needs


Introduction to the UNIX Operating System
  • What is UNIX?
  • Files and processes
  • The Directory Structure
  • Starting an UNIX terminal¬†
Tutorial One
  • Listing files and directories
  • Making Directories
  • Changing to a different Directory
  • The directories . and .. ¬†
  • Pathnames
  • More about home directories and pathnames
Tutorial Two
  • Copying Files
  • Moving Files
  • Removing Files and directories
  • Displaying the contents of a file on the screen
  • Searching the contents of a file
Tutorial Three
  • Redirection
  • Redirecting the Output
  • Redirecting the Input
  • Pipes
Tutorial Four
  • Wildcards
  • Filename Conventions
  • Getting Help
Tutorial Five
  • File system security (access rights)
  • Changing access rights
  • Processes and Jobs
  • Listing suspended and background processes
  • Killing a process
Tutorial Six
  • Other Useful UNIX commands
Tutorial Seven
  • Compiling UNIX software packages
  • Download source code
  • Extracting source code
  • Configuring and creating the Makefile
  • Building the package
  • Running the software
  • Stripping unnecessary code
Tutorial Eight
  • UNIX variables
  • Environment variables
  • Shell variables
  • Using and setting variables

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